Thursday, July 29, 2010

indirectly slashdotted

It was very cool to be quoted in today's article on RWW about Slashdot and its relevance today.

Slashdot Struggles to Remain Relevant in The Social Web

To elaborate, I think that all of the comments in the article are pretty fair. Slashdot has definitely lost relevance; this saddens me a bit as it was one of the major forces that really helped solidify my love for the web and technology in general. I recognize that there are certainly elements to the community which are a bit exclusive and not as publicly accessible as some other sites such as digg, however, I also feel that is part of the community fabric of the site. I personally have never felt any sort of community with digg or reddit or any of the other 'aggregation' types of sites; I have always perceived them to be web 'features'.

In any case, I thought this was a timely and well done piece by the RWW team. Obviously journalism is a medium that is ever evolving, but this is definitely an outlet to keep an eye on. I also Slashdotted the RWW article here.