Friday, October 23, 2009

whirlwind october

This month has been chock full of fun and challenges. It began with a trip to Arhus, Denmark to attend JAOO and have a bit of holiday with Jen and was followed by a stop in London for more work and holiday. We had a pretty big scare as Bourbon had another attack of seizures while we were gone; luckily we had friends to make sure he was taken care of at the animal hospital. Once things settled down with him we were able to enjoy London a bit, as seen in this post with this pic from Portabello Road.

After making it back, it was just a couple of days to get organized before I was off to Vancouver (first time there) to run a training course and visit some partners. I'm now recouping at home and enjoying the company of Jen, Bourbon and our houseguest Sunshine while I regain my marbles before heading out on the road again. :)
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