Saturday, February 01, 2014

Cool stuff - January 2014

Sitting down on a quiet Saturday night after the kids have gone to bed and reflecting on the month. This week ended nicely as a record traffic week for our website after the launch of our new Technology Radar report. It was a great culmination of events, with some tremendous writing from our colleagues in recent weeks, lots of audience engagement, and some great new creative work launched. It's hard to believe we came so far with the site in one year, and we're just getting started with what we have planned.

Its ironic that spending your days running a content marketing organization makes you less likely to write on your own blog, but I suppose one needs to step away from the keyboard now and then. Regardless, I've actually found myself scribbling down lots of bits to share over the course of the month, and promised I would at least get out one post to share some of the cool things I stumbled upon in January.


For musicians who are also technologists, Overtone ( has got to be one of the most amazing discoveries that I've made. Thanks to a ThoughtWorker named Chris Ford, I've started dabbling with it, and in the process started learning Clojure, the programming language that makes it possible.


Whether you think Bitcoin will be a massive success or not, is irrelevant. It does seem to signify that momentum around digital currencies is really starting to increase. This month's great editorial by Mark Andreessen in the NY Times, Why Bitcoin Matters ( ) and the response by the Economist's Glenn Fleishman in Medium ( ) were just great reads that dive into the mechanics of what makes currency systems work.

There has just been quite a bit of tremendous writing on the topic of Bitcoin over the last year, and the more you ready the more you find, including this one from Reuters' Felix Salmon in Medium, The Bitcoin Bubble and the Future of Currency ( ).

Best of Presentations and Predictions for the coming year

So many great recap and fast forward posts during the last month that your eyes can start to glaze over just thinking about them, but there were several standouts, many of which were filled with parallax awesomeness.

Looking back

Looking forward

Super useful tools

I consume lots of great resources shared with me by others, so its only fair I pass them along. Here's a few:

  • I started a new bundle of Digital Marketing Essentials which is a gift to all of you.
  • For those like myself who always need a command line reference, Conquering the Command Line rocks and is free online:
  • Buzzsumo (not to be confused with the awesome, Buzzstream) is an outstanding app to assist with online outreach or even general content marketing research, and its currently free while they work on their application and business model. It's super powerful and I love it for seeing what headlines are viral and who influencers around a topic are. I almost don't want to share it, it's so good.
  • For nonsense names, Wordoid cannot be beat, and once you get one, the Squarespace Logo tool is a great way to make yourself known.

New reading and whatnot
It's always nice to find time to read for enjoyment. I still try and fit my triage of Prismatic into my daily routine, devour my Latest from Dave Gray and NextDraft newsletters, and stuff any random things I find into Instapaper for commute fodder. In December and January I came across a number of new bits:

Otherwise, it's been a tremendous month that started with family, a nice New Year's celebration, time off and fun with these guys.  One of whom just turned one year old, and the other who is just about to start pre-school. Lots of fun stories to come, no doubt.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I made the pages of P2

If you haven't heard of P2 yet, you should. It is an original monthly magazine featuring ThoughtWorks folks of various talents reflecting on the craft of building software.

I'm proud to say that I was interviewed not long ago regarding the origins of the project to develop the new ThoughtWorks website during the last year.  That served as the basis for a story that appeared in this month's issue of P2:  Failures in doing everything right.

Check out the magazine and the article. If you're not familiar with ThoughtWorks or our website, feel free to take a stop by  In particular, we would love to get your opinions on some of the writing happening in our Insights section; pick the channel that inspires you the most.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cycle time, lead time, and continuous improvement

After some time, I have picked up Storify for a few projects that I have been looking to work on. This one will be based around resources to learn more about cycle time, lead time, and other measurements which can be used toward continuous improvement. Since I am being referred to new resources from colleagues on a daily basis, it seemed a great way to keep up with the various pieces in a visual way.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Gone but not forgotten

I'm ashamed to say that this blog has gone long neglected. Two children and loads of new career adventures have taken my focus.  And so, I'm determined to give the site a refresh.

In the short term, here are a few tidbits about what I've been up to:

  • I have two fantastic little boys that are keeping Jen and I incredibly busy.
  • I'm now overseeing all things digital for ThoughtWorks, which has been a really satisfying progression that has aligned with my interests and trajectory over the last few years. More to come in an upcoming post on that.  In the meantime, take a look at the latest version of and let me know what you think.
  • I set up an experimental blog recently using a very cool technology called that lets you use Evernote as a CMS.  You can read about it in my inaugural post at Digital Pistachio.
  • The garden is in full bloom.

Here's a little Vine of our youngest to keep you amused.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Archetypes for location based services

In many of our training and consulting engagements we gravitate towards the use of archetypes to depict common behaviors, both constructive and destructive.  Two that come to mind are:  Facilitation Patterns and Anti-Patterns and The Requirements Super Heroes and Villains 

This morning, I really enjoyed this collection from the Dachis Group as related to location based services. Check out:  The Mayor of Players and Other Location Based Services Archetypes

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Harvest has begun

I'm thrilled to say that during the last couple of weeks, the garden has been exploding with fresh veggies from the winter crop. Today we pulled out a bunch of thumbelina carrots and a ton of kale (there is a great deal more where this came from)!

I am hoping to share more photos throughout the week when I harvest the second round of broccoli (which looks amazing), swiss chard, and cauliflower! I probably should share a shot of the entire bed, since I do not believe I have posted one of those.

Fingers crossed that we get a bit more lettuce and spinach out of this harvest, and I'm also looking forward to see what happens with the beets which were not ready the last time that I checked.
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